Motion Analysis Studios

Motion Capture ServicesAs a leader and pioneer in motion capture services, Motion Analysis Studios provides animators, directors and VFX teams with data that is accurate and clean, and services that are on time and on-budget.

Multiple Full Body Capture

Motion Analysis Studios uses Motion Analysis' optical-based, tetherless, motion capture system to produce the most realistic full body motion available. Our systems enable us to capture the natural movements of several performers simultaneously. The system allows for customized volumes, specialized marker sets, multiple actors with props, realtime display and immediate data playback.

Facial Capture

Your character's personality is brought to life with our optical facial capture service. We can capture the subtle facial movements and expressions of your character while offering the added benefit of audio synchronization.

Prop Capture

Motion Analysis Studios can capture various props such as basketballs, hockey sticks, guns, swords, ropes and even bicycles to accommodate your project's needs. This service provides you with seamless interactions between the characters and props, and provides realistic motion that is ready to drive your animations.

Animal Capture

Sometimes human motion can not be applied to a client's animated character. At MAS, animals can be used as well as people. From elephants and horses to cats and dogs, MAS can find the perfect animal to provide motion data for your character. With the Motion Analysis system and fully customizable skeletal software, we can provide solid, clean, motion capture data for almost any CG animal or creature a client creates.


Planning a motion capture shoot the most important way to make good use of your studio time. Motion Analysis Studios helps their clients to schedule the most productive shoots possible, and involving us early on will allow for the best project pipeline. The MAS staff is dedicated to making the entire motion capture process smooth and enjoyable for clients. Take advantage of all we have to offer, including: talent casting, prop building and on-location shooting. The best way to ensure a successful shoot is to plan ahead and communicate with us.

Mobile Services

Across town, in another state, or overseas, our highly mobile systems allow us to take them anywhere to shoot. We can set up a capture space to client's specifications, in the location of your choosing.